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DISPLEX - a brand of E.V.I. GmbH

Quality that makes a difference

Declaring this, DISPLEX offers perfect solutions "Made in Germany" for nearly 20 years for the protection and preservation of displays. These years of experience coupled with innovation power and the absolute will to produce "Test Winner"-products  have made DISPLEX a recognized expert in display protection. Leading European trade marks, network operators and wholesalers rely therefore on our products, as if their own brands, DISPLEX "double branded" or OEM. As Europe's largest manufacturer, we use only the most modern laser technology for our 100% accurately fitting protection films and use only the best materials - only "Made in Germany"-quality.

E.V.I. GmbH

Core competence

From the start E.V.I. GmbH focussed on their know-how in "surface technology" and defined this as their core area. Since then, this core competence has been systematically and continually developed.


Setting the standards

The result of this strategy is reflected in the products, setting new standards in use, application ease, environmental compatibility and product marketing.


Market leadership

And last but not least, because of the consistent focus on "surface technology" and the subsequent innovation, it is now an international market leader principally in markets worked by E.V.I.



E.V.I. is represented in over 50 countries worldwide. So the whole company's thinking and behaviour is geared to this internationality.


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