Plant trees – protect the climate.

We take responsibility.

Each time you purchase a display protection glass, you help to plant more than 10,000 trees a year, reforesting our woodlands on a sustainable basis.


Climate protection is a subject that is close to our hearts. Consequently, we are working towards minimising emissions and design packaging so that it is as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why we changed the inside packaging for our display protection glass and accessory sets from plastic to paper in 2019, thus reducing the proportion of plastic significantly. We also use exclusively climate-neutral parcel service providers to deliver our products. That’s not enough, however...

Children's tree planting event in Frankfurt.
10th Children’s Conference.

Plant-for-the-Planet: Felix’s idea for saving the climate worldwide.

There is one true medicinal plant to combat the climate crisis: the tree. That's why we are working with the non-profit-making organisation Plant-for-the-Planet and plant more than 10,000 trees every year.


The children's and young people’s initiative Plant-for-the-Planet was first launched in 2007. Felix Finkbeiner gave a talk on the climate crisis back then, at just nine years of age. At the end of his talk, he set forth a vision where children would plant one million trees in every country on Earth to offset CO2 emissions on their own initiative.

Girls in Bhutan during a Plant-for-the-Planet tree planting event.
Climate justice ambassador in Colombia.

Plant-for-the-Planet: a children’s movement spreads around the world.

Plant-for-the-Planet has grown into a worldwide movement in the years since then: some 81,000 children in 73 countries are currently striving towards this objective. They see themselves as a world citizens’ initiative which is committed to climate justice. The aim is to reduce CO2 emissions to zero by 2050 and share emissions equally among everyone until then. To achieve this, children and young people would like humanity to plant 1,000 billion trees worldwide by 2020.


Donations will be used to plant trees around the globe: in Bhutan, Cameroon or Colombia, in exactly the same way as in Germany, since climate protection has no limits.

Cameroon: children planting trees.
Planting trees in Neu-Ulm, Germany.

Plant-for-the-Planet: a children’s movement spreads around the world.

In 2011, the United Nations Environment Programme – UN Environment for short – handed over its long-standing Billion Tree Campaign to Plant-for-the-Planet, making it the official world tree tally counter. Companies, governments and citizens now report how many trees they have planted and intend to plant to the children.


More than 13.48 billion trees have been planted with the help of adults in 193 countries to date. The website provides a tally which is continuously updated.