Screen protection


DISPLEX Protector Anti-Shock

Display protection for problematic cases

The newest generation DISPLEX Protector Anti-Shock not only protects against scratches, it also provides shock and impact protection for real problematic cases in the life of the display!

Display protection with DISPLEX Shock Absorber Technology and effective 6H surface hardness:

  • 100% custom-fit protective films through
    precision laser-cut
  • Shock and impact protection due to
    DISPLEX Shock Absorber Technology
  • Easy-On® application aid
  • High-Tech material with 6H surface hardness
  • Best transparency thanks to Ultra HD quality
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • Optimal touch and scroll features
  • Only 0,2mm thin
  • Made in Germany


The premium screen guards DISPLEX Protector Anti-Shock
are of course available for smartphones, mini tablet PC and tablet PC.