Screen protection


DISPLEX Protector Anti-Spy

Premium display protection against scratches and disturbing glances

It´s time for a considerable glance and screen protection "Made in Germany" for more privacy incl. Easy-On® application aid.

"Top Secret" screen protection: Effective and secure!


  • 100% custom-fit through precision laser-cut
  • Finest cut outs and perfect fit
  • Easy-On® application aid
  • Highly effective camouflage from 25° perspective to the screen to protect your privacy
  • Thanks to High-Gloss Premium-Material best suit for high definition displays
  • Excellent Touch- & Scroll-Features (3D and Multi-Touch)
  • Made in Germany


Due to High-Gloss film material with it´s extreme effective DISPLEX Privacy
Technology from a side view of 25°
, DISPLEX Protector Anti-Spy not only protects against scratches, but offers in addition real protection against prying views without alloying the screen!