Screen protection


How to apply a protective film with DISPLEX Easy-On®

To start with, please clean the display and the casing thoroughly of grease and dust with a microfiber cloth. Please note: Even the smallest particle of dust can create bubbles.

Our tip: The DISPLEX Special Display Cleaner - using this, in no time at all your display will be clean and also remains dust-free, due to the anti-static effect.


1. Clean the display and casing thoroughly
Clean the display
2. Apply fixing strips longitudinal
Apply fixing strips
3. Precisely align the film based on the recesses
Align the film on the display
4. Retain this position and attach the fixing strips
Attach the fixing strips
Important for installation:
The film is in the optimum position and well attached!
Important for good installation
5. Fold up the film
Fold up the film
6. Pull off the backing film and, if necessary, remove dust from the display
Pull off the backing film
7. Fold back the film and, from the fixing strips, begin to press on and allow it to adhere
Fold back the film
8. Remove the fixing strips
Remove the fixing strips
9. Smooth out air bubbles over the edge of the display using
the microfibre cloth ... finished!
smooth out the air bubbles