Screen protection


Easy-On ist kinderleicht

Easy-On® - puts an end to the problems with applying the screen protector!

With Easy-On® from DISPLEX, even for inexperienced hands it is child's play to apply the protective glass quickly, bubble-free and precisely to the display.

1. Easy-On® Frame - just one click and the protective glass fits!

Easy-On Frame
  • Simply place the Easy-On® Frame mounting tool before application and then insert the protective glass
  • The mounting tool guarantees a 100% exact positioning of the protective glass on the display
  • Easy-On® Frame is manufactured specifically and precisely for each model
  • Included in each featured set of DISPLEX Real Glass 3D

The application of a screen protector has never been so easy! Click here for the Step-byStep tutorial and video.

2. Easy-On® Sticker - and application is only one fold down ahead!

  • With Easy-On® Sticker, the "positioning" and the "application" of the glass is separated
  • The flap technique easily guarantees an exact positioning of the protective glass on the display
  • The premium silicone material prevents air bubbles and "the glass sucks itself"
  • Dust inclusions can easily be removed with the dust remover
  • For European patent pending
  • Included in every set DISPLEX Real Glass or Protector

A real added value that makes a clear difference!
Here you can see how easy it is in just a few steps.