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DISPLEX Real Glass
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Screen protection made from extremely tempered real glass

The DISPLEX safety glass screen protector made from tempered real glass, provides for crystal-clear and extremely robust protection against scratches and impact. Of course crystal clear and with a perfect touch!

Ultra-thin and extremely robust real glass with maximum transparency and colour fidelity

  • Maximum scratch protection with 10H surface hardness
  • Reliable protection against knocks and impacts
  • Easy installation without bubbles with the application aid Easy-On® sticker
  • Designed to fit with cases - case-friendly
  • Optimal transparency in Ultra HD Quality
  • Perfect touch and scroll features (3D- and Multi-Touch)
  • Perfectly rounded edges for comfortable scrolling
  • Only 0,33mm thin glass
  • Absolutely safe thanks to splinter protection by the use of composite material
  • Designed in Germany

The DISPLEX real glass screen protection is available for the top selling devices by Apple, Huawei, Sony and Samsung!