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Remove scratches from smartphone screens by yourself

For the Germans the smartphone is the favorite, even more than the car. If not using a screen protector your screen will get scratched. But finally we have a solution, to eliminate annoying scratches on the screen on your own!

High-Tech Glass-Repair Polish

  • Removes fancy, slight and middle deep scratches from all kind of uncoated glass screens
  • Multi use: Smartphones, Watches, Cars, Furnitures, Household, Windows, and further more
  • 2-Component-System
    • Step 1 -  the High-Tech Diamond Polish removes the scratches
    • Step 2 -  the High-Performance Diamond Finish polishes up to high gloss
  • New and patent pending „DIAMOND-POLISHING-TECHNOLOGY“ (DPT)
  • Repair without giving away the mobile device and without delay
  • Repair instead replacing: Saves money and conserves the value
  • Easy and safe „Do-it-Yourself-Application“
  • Extra rich up to 20 applications
  • Extensive All-Inclusive-Set
  • Made in Germany

Kindly note: Only use on uncoated glass surfaces! Do not use for tablet-PC or TV screens!

See how it works - the instructional video for the DISPLEX Glass Repair Polish