protective films


How to download the cutting template, adapt and apply the film

Adaption of the universal protector in a few steps for your display:


download template and print
  1. Download template and print

    a) Enter PIN + security code
    b) Choose type of appliance, manufacturer and model
    c) Download accurate template as PDF
    d) Print template (PDF) in its original size (100%)

cut film to size
  1. Cut film to size using the cutting template

    a) Cut the printed template along the cut line No.1
    b) Stick the template on the white backing
    c) Cut the film along the template line No. 2

Application of the film with DISPLEX Easy-On®

To start with, please clean the display thoroughly of grease and dust with a microfiber cloth. Please note: Even the smallest particle of dust can create bubbles. Our tip: The DISPLEX Special Display Cleaner - using this, in no time at all your display will be clean and also remains dust-free, due to the anti-static effect. 


1. Attach an applicator on the backside of the film on its top margin
apply applicator
2. Apply two fixing strips on the frontside longitudinal
apply two fixing strips
3. Precisely align the film based on the recesses
align the film
4. Retain this position and attach the fixing strips
attach the fixing strips
5. Fold up the film
Fold up the film
6. Pull off the backing film
pull off the backing film
7. Fold back the film and, from the fixing strips, begin to press on and allow it to adhere
fold back the film
8. Remove the fixing strips
remove the fixing strips
9. Smooth out the air bubbles ... done!
smooth out the air bubbles